About Me


Born in Jersey
Raised in Woodstock, NY
Home in Brooklyn, NY

I get things done and I like being organized.

I truly enjoy working and have done so with many different people in all types of places.
I've pumped gas, cut glass, made keys, mixed paint, made donuts, worked the deli slicer, cashiered, been a hostess at a fancy restaurant, worked on Wall Street as an executive assistant and in most recent years, produced iconic music videos and award winning commercials.

I love beautiful visuals.

I've traveled and done a few things.
I have my motorcycle license, am a certified SCUBA diver and currently I am pursuing becoming a certified Pilates Teacher.
I don't run with scissors and I play nicely with others.

Life has given me great opportunities and experiences. At the end of the day, it's most important to me how we treat each other.
These are my values.

Enjoy my website and smile at a stranger. You just might make a difference in their day!